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WE ARE THE “City of Lakes” AND

RiverFirst is a 20-year vision for Mississippi riverfront parks that builds on our community’s rich river heritage and passion for parks, nature and wildlife to create places on “America’s fourth coast” where neighborhoods and businesses can grow and people from near and far can experience one of the four great rivers of the world through world-class recreational and cultural activities.

In 2012, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and its RiverFirst partners will initiate design and planning for five priority projects along 5.5 miles of the Upper Riverfront in Minneapolis:

  • Riverfront Trail System with Farview Park phase one greenways – which integrate with existing city and regional parks and trails to create a cohesive, user-friendly network of commuter and recreational connections, most notably at North 26th Avenue across the Interstate 94 trench cutting off Northsiders and the West Metro from the Mississippi.
  • Floating Islands – offering water quality rehabilitation while providing scenic views and habitat for native plants and animals, including migrating birds.
  • Scherer Park District – an existing Minneapolis Parks property along the Northeast side of the riverfront located in a burgeoning neighborhood and adjacent to many local and regional amenities, including existing parks and bridges.
  • Northside Wetlands Park – which could transform significant acreage of the existing Port of Minneapolis from asphalt to amenity, creating a destination park connected to envisioned Northside greenways;
  • Downtown Gateway– which reimagines for the 21st century a historic park at the front door of downtown.

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