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River Could Be … ! Read what community members hope for the future of the Upper Riverfront

River Could Be Wordle

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Youth Ambassadors collected these River Could Be thoughts from community members at an Upper Riverfront boat tour, MR|DI community meetings, Folwell and Creekview park ice cream socials, Red, White & Boom, a concert at Nicollet Island, and during teen programming at Folwell. We’ll add another River Is post with more statements soon.

Tell us and your community what you think the River Could Be:

The River Could Be …

  • A place that people can enjoy.
  • Even better!
  • CLEAN.
  • Clearer with less algae.
  • A beautiful place that could be used for peace and happiness.
  • The best backyard ever for the City of Minneapolis!
  • Crowded with people and peopled with boats.
  • The City\’s best place to be.
  • An opportunity for MPLS.
  • The organic Sustainable Internet bringing goods + services from North MPLS to the gulf of Mexico.
  • Comforting, Commercial, Colorful and Protected!
  • A Minneapolis Centerpiece.
  • A place for everyone in Minneapolis to come together and enjoy our rich cultural and environmental heritage.
  • A place to gather to meet people from other areas in the metro as well as outstate and out-of-state Minneapolis as well as St. Paul or a beautiful riverfront community. The river can be a showcase as well as a wonderful recreation area for boating, swimming, fishing, trail, nature conservatory. The Mississippi River is the most important river in the US. It needs to be a showcase and used not just for industry as it has been in the past. We need a healthy river for a healthy community.
  • As beautiful and as accessible as the Thames — a place for boats, kayaks, canoes, and evening strolls. A wet organic playground.
  • Physically connected to the people of the west Broadway community; could connect West Broadway community to Downtown.
  • The best place to be in MPLS.
  • Connected to T. Wirth Park. This park like a greenway connection, will complement Horace Cleveland\’s and T. Wirth\’s visions for North MPLS. The May 22, 2011, tornado created large gaps in the North MPLS community; strategically filling the gaps by re-locating (moving) existing structures to open up linear parkland, will create an updated version of a 100-year-old vision.
  • Awesome—more Awesome than it already is!
  • A place for us to enjoy.
  • A clean, cool place to picnic on a sunny, summer day.
  • A river slide.
  • A place to have boats.
  • Twin City Fabulous.
  • Cleaner and more accessible.
  • A place for our kids to connect with nature, and get some hands-on info about the importance of the river as a waterway for commerce for the cities of Mpls + St. Paul and points North and South.
  • A excellent place for my family.
  • A clean & fun place where community meets & gets together to restore ourselves.
  • Cleaner.
  • Approachable.
  • Clean so you could swim in it and so that families could gather for picnics and swimming.
  • Less polluted.
  • A connection from St. Paul to Minneapolis.
  • Place for environmental education — kids + adults.
  • Site of \”fire on the water” celebration.
  • Party Boats.
  • The home of a casino.
  • Cooler.
  • For community members to fish, recreation and to use cruses and boats.
  • Used by all — greater access.
  • Regional, National — a greater place for plants, animals and people. Access to nature for recreation, health, tourism, deliberation, restaurants, etc. Connected to transportation system — walking, biking, skiing, etc.
  • Peace, reflection — A place that is showed with nature. A place that shows a forever community to our natural environment.
  • Trails along the river (like trails along the lakes like Iden, Calhoun, Harriet); a place for wellbeing.
  • Known and Celebrated!
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