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RiverFIRST: A parks design proposal and implementation framework for the Minneapolis Upper Riverfront – DRAFT


A Park Design Proposal and Implementation Framework for the Minneapolis Upper Riverfront

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6 Responses to RiverFIRST: A parks design proposal and implementation framework for the Minneapolis Upper Riverfront – DRAFT

  1. Dave Swanson says:

    Dollars should be focused on trail development on the Minnesota River valley from Bloomington to Shakopee. You’ll get a better value for your investment, especially when there is hardly any connected trail systems

  2. Curtis W. Hamm says:

    In today’s recession, and the current disrepair of our streets & lack of funds where in gods name are you going to get the money to do something only the wealthy can enjoy (if patrolled)? By taxing local businesses into bankruptcy and putting all of said employees out of work?
    Besides the fact that places away from the public eye and poorly patrolled like the infamous “Geen Way” are havens for criminal activity like muggings and drug use, not to mention the direct link to one of our most impoverished neighborhoods (the Lowery bridge is almost finished being rebuilt! I dare you to take a moonlight bike ride after that!

    • Monique Ammi says:

      As a northside Minneapolis resident I feel the comments about the” direct link to one of the impoverished neighborhoods” and the suggestion that opening access to the area is going to cause a great spillover in crime to wash over the area are mean-spirited. I am not experiencing tons of crime. I do not feel unsafe walking here at night any more than I did when I lived in Bancroft and Kingfield neighborhoods of south Minneapolis. We have no coffee shops in McKinley, few stores and businesses and lots of great people and wonderful neighbors. How did this area of the city get to be impoverished and lacking in economic development? Part of it stems from people’s impressions of “how it is” up here. I hear a lot of comments usually negative about my area… then people come here and say, “Wow, it is really nice around here” I live in McKinley (Lowry to Dowling from the riverfront to Dupont Ave N), not Shingle Creek or Victory neighborhood. We really need something that would be great for all residents, not just the northside. As far as I know there is no plan to charge people for using the new parks and trails, so being wealthy is not a requirement. Lots of the kids and adults around here have bikes and northside families use parks all the time.

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  5. David St. Michael says:

    Very well done and worth the investment for everyone. I especially love the connections made between inland parks and the river. Very cool. Thank you.

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