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DESIGN & LINKS | What cities are doing about disconnecting urban freeways

The Atlantic Cities has an interesting article about The Tricky Second Wave of Urban Highway Removals, exploring the complex process by which cities are reconnecting neighborhoods cut off by highways and freeways.

North Minneapolis has long been cut off from the Mississippi River – here a National Park, no less – by Interstate 94. Some neighborhood old-timers recall sledding down the hill at Farview Park with the short stretch to the riverfront before them. But a whole generation of youngsters can’t even conceive of the idea.

While no one posits the removal of the interstate, as is being done elsewhere, RiverFirst envisions a two-block green overpass from Farview Park to the riverfront environs (ala downtown Duluth, Minn.), a length several blocks too short for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioners, who asked their Planning Services staff to explore the possibility of extending the overpass to a mile in their approval of the RiverFirst Proposal and Implementation Guide last month.

To see what other cities around the country are exploring for their urban highways, check out The Death Row of Urban Highways (November 2011) article and slideshow, again from The Atlantic Cities.

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